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"Courtney is amazing to work with. She offered the compassionate - yet firm - guidance I needed to meet my goals. I have recommended her to every female athlete I know and think that she would be a great resource to you as well!"

- Christina -

"This whole experience has honestly been life changing for me, I look great, and feel great... Courtney really knows how to connect with her clients and help them better themselves. It isn’t about the money to her; it is about changing people’s lives and I could tell that she was that way from the start of my first session..

In addition to goal setting and food tracking, she helped me with new workout ideas as well as new foods to eat and try out. She did not give me a set meal plan like other coaches, she tailored what I should be eating specifically to me, and that is what I cared about the most. I did not want a generic meal plan that was given to every customer she has, and she didn’t do that. She specified my eating needs to me and me only, it was great! "

- Sal S. - Student -

I truly cannot thank Courtney enough for being my coach. I have felt so supported throughout my time with her, no matter the time of day or week she was always there. She took the time to talk with me, help me see that food isn’t the enemy it’s the way you think about it. I have such a clear mindset, my mental health has improved. My idea of healthy isn’t just losing weight anymore, it’s building a relationship with myself, with food, with exercise, becoming stronger and being a better version of me. I would recommend Courtney to anyone!

- Karley -

I really enjoyed working with Courtney, she really took all the normal stress that comes with a competitive weight cut, away. This was very easy for me and she made it that way. She did the work and I listened. I believe I learned a lot of helpful information to be successful in the future! Thank you so much for your time and effort! You are the BEST! 

- Ayanna "The Tower of Power" Tramont - 

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