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A self-guided program for student-athletes

Does this sound like you?

  • You are committed to playing your best in your sport, season after season.

  • You understand the energy and commitment it takes to excel in your sport.

  • You want to be your best at all times.

  • You want to see your energy, power, and strength increase.

  • You want to feel your best.

GOOD NUTRITION can make or break a practice, big game, and overall athleticism.

Are you confident in your ability to get the proper fuel you need to perform to the best of your ability? Does your fueling plan match your effort in practice or in the gym? Do you have a fueling plan?

This 7 week long course is designed to teach you how to build well rounded meals, create more efficient snacks, learn how good nutrition fuels our body, identify appropriate supplements, and how to utilize all these tools together!

Healthy Salad
Resting Athlete

What do we talk about weekly?

1. Do you have a PLAN?
Let's look at what you are currently doing! It all starts with a little bit of self-reflection.
This week will be a live Zoom call and Q & A session*

2. The Athlete's Plate
How does our plate change on game day vs. light practice vs. 2-a-day season?

This week will be a live Zoom call and Q & A session*

3. Carbohydrates
How do carbohydrates give our muscles the fuel they need? Are there some carbohydrates that are better to have than others?

4. Protein
How does protein intake affect your ability to get stronger and recover better? How much protein do you need everyday?

5. Snacking!
What role does snacking have in your fueling plan?
How do we time snacks around our workouts?
*Includes a nutrient timing cheat sheet!

This week will be a live Zoom call and Q & A session*

6. Hydration
Staying hydrated involves more than just water for athletes! What do you need to replace in your sweat and how much do you need to replace with?

7. Supplements
Walking into a supplement store or ordering supplements can be overwhelming! Which ones are actually going to help you so you stop wasting your money on things that are not researched! Which ones are you allowed to take per your sport's regulating body?
*There will be a final Zoom Q & A meeting to wrap up our program!*

During the program Athletes will also get:

  • Access to the dietitian via the chat platform in the Practice Better App.

  • Access to the food and mood journal in the Practice Better app throughout the duration of the program. 

  • A PDF File of the entire Fuel Your Game Workbook


What are other athletes saying about the program??

"My coach was only allowed to select 10 runners for our varsity race, and now I am going to sectionals! Being on the sectionals team has been a goal for me since freshman year and thanks to all your help in figuring out where I was going wrong with my nutrition and hydration, I was able to make it happen as a junior!"  - HS XC Runner

" I always felt like it was "real" - what I mean is that so often when you get nutrition help it's in the form of a restrictive diet. This felt applicable to my everyday life and I learned skills that I can take with me for the rest of my life." - college athlete

Ready to learn how to Fuel Your Game?

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